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The Blue-Eyed Huskies: 6 Fun Facts you didn’t Know

Dogs are always a popular choice for a pet. But since the epic drama series Games of Thrones, Siberian Huskies have grown in popularity. These blue eyes jeweled who are already known for their quirky personality, unique ice blue eye color (or sometimes have Heterochromia) are commonly found in northern America. Many dog lovers (and those who weren’t) found a keen interest soon afterward in the television show.

As a popular dog breed, they are given nicknames too! Often known by the names “Sibe or Husky” they bring pure joy in one’s life with ease and sure know how to spice things up. If you have seen some of the movies long before even a GOT series, then you’d know what the fuss is all about.

By the way, these physical attributes are not the only things that make these huskies a smart dog breed. There’s a lot more to those ice-blue eyes.

To help you know more about these quality dog breeds, we have gathered some interesting fun facts you might not have known. Some of them even surprised us.

So here you go, 6 fun facts about huskies!

Let the ‘6 Fun Facts About Huskies’ Begin!

Fun Fact #1 – Wolves are practically family!

No kidding! If you look at the smart dog breeds who look like wolves then no surprise there. Siberian Huskies will be at the top of the list. The resemblance is uncanny. The wild counterpart resembles a lot or did you forget the cunning ice-blue eyes? Those eyes penetrate right through your soul, don’t they?

Wolves and huskies are pratically family with a lot of resemblance in common

Moreover, the pronounced snout is a telltale sign too. Dogs are unlikely to be from the same family as wolves but it looks like both breeds share a common ancestor back around 9,000 or 34,000 years ago.

Fun Fact #2 – Two-toned eyes

A major physical trait of the Huskies is their eyes. One of the reasons for their popularity. Most Huskies have darker blues (crystal clear) or ice blue tone but there are those breeds too who have a benign genetic condition. This condition is known as heterochromia – two-toned eye color. Not only dogs but humans are known to have similar conditions as well. Even Mila Kunis has it!
Although it’s a hereditary trait, doesn’t it look incredible?

Fun Fact #3 – Flexible to all surroundings

They are good boys. They can easily adapt to a cold and icy climate which is why they are mostly found in the polar side of the region. Their thick fur gives the testimony they need to survive and endure the harsh winters. But the most surprising factor is that even Huskies can also survive in temperate or mild climates.

But not all are machos. For instance, Nordic dogs like Alaskan Malamute can’t bear to be in a warm region, unlike the Huskies.

Fun Fact #4 – Oldest dog breeds

Raised by the Chukchi tribe in northern Siberia at one time, Huskies were the good ol’ dogs since the earliest times. These were the Eskimo people.
Huskies back in the day were mostly a part of the tribe – for protection and safety and for hunting.

They were treated as tribe members, not mere animals. They even used to sleep in the same bed as their dog parents. These dog breeds are fiercely known for their loyalty so one can imagine the love owners had towards them.

Fun Fact #5 – Best runners

None can beat when a Husky is on the run. Movies have been made on sled dogs. Legendary Balto is one example in Hollywood. In the old times, sled dogs were the only means of traveling in the northern areas. Sledding was chosen to carry the important tasks, convey emergency messages, and so on. Huskies are incredible runners. Since they are resistant to harsh cold, they are made as an excellent choice in hard times.

Fun Fact #6 – Quirky temperament

the uirky temperament of siberian huskies

If you thought cats are temperamental, then you haven’t met a Husky yet. They are a loving bunch sure but they will not heed much to your commands because they can be really stubborn! They do require leash training because they have a natural sense of “quality leadership” the reason they were used back in the war too.

One thing more

Huskies are witting and cunningly smart dog breeds you will ever encounter. You think you have them under control but oh boy…..you are under many surprises let me tell ya’. So don’t let them think you have them under control. Play smarter. You’ve finally found your match!

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