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How to Elevate Your Home Decor Using Cushions

Cushions, although significantly a small part of your home decor, can make or
break the look of your home. The soft furnishings as the name says, adds a
softness to the entirety of your home interiors.

Other than the glam element it adds to your decor, it’s also practical and functional in terms of providing soft cushioning against hard furniture.

However, making a nice arrangement of the cushions or selecting a nice cushion cover is quite a herculean task itself. So here’s our guide that will help you choose the right cushions for your home.

How to Elevate Your Home Decor Using Cushions

Matching, As Nice As It Sounds May Become Mundane

choose to go for colors of cushion covers that contrast with your couch and match with the running aesthetic of your room

At times, your hard furniture like your couch comes with matching cushions as a complete set, but using it might risk making it look like a lumpy piece of furniture lying there that doesn’t enliven the place. Instead, choose to go for colors of cushion covers that contrast with your couch and match with the running aesthetic of your room, and adds a bit of drama to your decor.

Choose A Colour Palette

Doing this will help you synchronize your home decor. Moreover, elements in the home interiors are mostly quite varied with different colors and textures, so your sofa cushion covers can pull together all of these elements and make them look in harmony.

The best way to pick out the colors for your cushion covers is to sit in your room and notice 2-3 prominent colors. Try picking these colors off from your curtains, a large vase, or a painting, and make sure these colors complement each other. You can identify these colors by using an online swatch of colors. Keep the swatch for reference when you have to go buy the cushion covers and try to stick to the color swatch that has one dominant color and the other 2-3 normal colors so you can pair them nicely.

The colors of your cushions can inject color into your room with the use of
accents especially if you have a neutral color scheme running in your home. Add a pop of color to make your color scheme interesting. Accent cushions don’t overpower the home decor but just add color that makes a lot of difference.

How To Decide The Specifications Of Cushions In Its Making

Buying cushions of the same size and shapes are the most common mistake people make while purchasing for their home decor. It’s all about breaking the monotony by mixing up different shapes and sizes of cushions to add a bit of
depth and intrigue to your interiors.

One way to go about this is to use the same patterned covers for two different sizes of cushions and add a solid color to coordinate the pairing.

How To Put A Number On Your Cushions

The number quite really depends on your taste and preference. Traditionally styled rooms normally have an even number of cushions to make them look more balanced and symmetrical. But if you are going for the contemporary look, odd numbers are your friend.

While the number of cushions to place on your couch is subjective, a good way to go is putting 5 cushions on a three-seater sofa and possibly 4 on a two-seater sofa.

Arrangement Is The Key

Take the traditional route if you do not wish to experiment by placing one or two sets of matching cushions at the ends. But if you wish to go a little eclectic, mix it up by starting with 3-5 cushions placed in an arrangement. Try out your own combinations of cushions and find the best arrangement that suits your decor.

Experimenting With The Cushion Cover Material

Suede, leather, and silk are materials that add a bit of edge to your interiors. Matching the material of your cushions and your curtains is one way to achieve balance and aesthetics in your interiors. If you are inclined towards the traditional ethnic mix, go for uniquely designed covers like applique, sequins, embroidery, patchwork, etc.

Your sofa cushion covers are relatively less in terms of the amount of fabric that is used, which is why you can choose to invest in good fabrics without burning a hole in your pockets. Invest in cushion extravaganza with materials like dyed linens, velvets, faux fur to add a touch of glamour to your decor. Textured fabrics are tactile and can add sophistication to even the most basic couches. But remember to not go overboard with this, especially while using faux fur. Pair your faux fur cushions with velvet, checks, or cords.

Mix It Up

While just your cushions would look great, you can go to the next level by throwing in kilims, durries, and throws to complete your arrangement and add a bit of dimension to your decor.

You could also look to invest in some floor cushions that are large and can pass off as seating to amp up your decor. They create a cozy space for reading, for kids to play or for you to just sip coffee and relax and prove to be an attractive focal point of your home decor. They can promptly be a part of any room aesthetics like decking, balcony, and patio.

Other Places You Can Enliven Using Cushions

  • An opulent armchair gives your space an artsy feel, to stylize this, add a
    single cushion. If this chair is placed near a couch go for a somewhat
    different cushion that gives the whole setting a dynamic appeal.
  • Matching your cushions with your bedspread is one way to add layering
    and aesthetics to your room. Go for floral prints, abstract prints, or
    geometric prints to stylize your bedding and use various shapes of the
    cushion to add a bit of drama.
  • Create a reading ambiance that looks calming and relaxing. Go for a
    vintage feel and avoid using a lot of popping colors.
  • Add them to your botanical space. Use cushions on your garden chairs to make for comfortable and fashionable seating for when you sip your coffee or tea.

Cushion arrangements and their specification are really a personal choice.
Experiment as much as you can to find the perfect fit for your home decor. Find cushion covers that have a timeless appeal and go with every type of home decor.

We hope this article is helpful enough for you to elevate your home decor with cushions. If you have any questions, be sure to leave comments down below. Have a great day!

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