Top 10 Exciting Shows on Hotstar For Binge Watchers

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Suppose you’re traveling to some new place or country outside the Indian region, and you’re fond of watching Indian shows, and dramas that are available on Hotstar, but due to the restrictions they are not feasible with the quick watching of their favorite shows.

Basically, Hotstar is an Indian entertainment channel, with millions of users coming over the platform to enjoy their favorite shows and movies without hassle. Due to the restriction, we’re unable to access Disney+ Hotstar in the USA, and you always require a secured VPN connection to avail of the services, and enjoy a well-encrypted connection, with less additional charges.

Let’s move with a detailed discussion over the top 10 shows that are made available on the Hotstar platform for their users so they can enjoy a well encrypted, and protected connection with quick access to their favorite shows, and movies in a single click.

Top 10 Shows on Hotstar

top 10 exciting shows on Hotstar for binge watchers from india and other worlds. - The Blog Bite

So, all the binge-watchers fond of Indian shows, grab some popcorns as now we’re going to share and read about the best shows based on customer’s reviews, and feedback collected from a few reliable movie review sites:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The first one in the list is, a well known most popular show for a very long time, because of the characters working in the serial, capturing a good image in the industry, and maintaining a strong bond with the viewers for a very long time, I guess more than a decade.

Initially, the story started with Natik, and Akhshara falling in love with each other, after a purely arranged marriage although they both were unknown to each other at the start, still, they managed to live a peaceful life with a lot of hurdles which is very casual in any arranged marriage. Later, when Akshara died after giving more than ten years to the season, season two starts with the marriage life of Naira and Karthik and they still managed to grab the attention of watchers, throughout the season with positivity, and their romance which is loved by everyone.


Hostage is a very famous criminal, and mysterious web series with two seasons initially although, the first one was not good as compared to the second one. In season 1, the story starts with a lady doctor, who is very happy in her life, with her daughter, son, and husband being totally unaware of the hurdles that were waiting for her.

Suddenly one day, someone hostage the entire family in their own house, and the only way to get out of that was to participate in the assassination of the key political figure. The suspense continues, and unfolds till the last moment of the series, and leaves the viewers in suspense about what’s gonna happen next!

I would highly recommend everyone to watch Hostage, as it keeps you excited, happy, attached to the screens until a climax is encountered in the very last episode of season 1.

Criminal Justice

Just suppose you sleep one night, and the next morning when you wake up you are seeing news over the screen that you are accused of killing someone, although you were not even aware of this all, then what will you do except for being unconscious?

That’s what the next series, I’m going to discuss is, which is an Indian Hindi-Language Criminal Thriller Legal Drama Web Series, especially for Hotstar based on the 2008 British Television Series, with the same name, and written by Shridhar Raghavan, and co-directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, and Vishal Furia. The series further has 10 episodes and focuses on how the lead role, Aditya Sharma, manages to fight with the life chances, after being accused of something that he never committed.

Games of Thrones

I guess this category doesn’t need any description, as we all know about this show, which came out in 2011 and created a huge impact on social media, from news channels, and the last episode of this season was the most-watched and made this series a memorable one for the viewers.

Initially, it was released in 2011, and then later in 2019 the last season was on-aired, showing the truth and defeat of the people who were actually expected to be made responsible for the entire issue. The story is revolving around nine noble families, who are having a war against each other, to gain control over each other, through the mythical land of Westeros. Meanwhile, a force is seen rising from the Millenniums and threatens the existence of the living men who were actually noble.


And who is here, who is not even aware of the worst nuclear disaster that occurred in the history of mankind, and how the real heroes of the country gave their lives to save Europe, and allow their people to live a life with peace, and happiness.

The producers of the series want to make viewers know what actually happened, and how the people suffered from the bomb blast, and still manage to cage happiness for themselves.

A roar of the Lion

We all know about MS Dhoni, who is a well-known Cricketer in the history of India, but very few of us know about his story, and how he came up to the stage he is right now! This season is actually a biopic documentary over the amazing life of MS Dhoni, and this amazing series took almost three months for the completion of the writing, and then the series actually started with the actual shooting. It’s a must-watch for everyone, who is interested in the historical means of great cricketers, and how they managed to cope up with challenges.

This is Us

This is an American English Dramatic Series, with 5 active seasons and you can imagine the response, and hype they must have created at the end of season one that the producer continued to launch 4 more seasons the sequel. It shows Kevin, Kate, and Randall who are three siblings going through different personal struggles at different stages of their life, to find happiness, and comfort, until a tragic part of their life unfolds keeping them all in shock!


Again, it’s an American sitcom, having 7 seasons in total showing the life of Former Senator Selina Meyer, who gets an opportunity to serve as the Vice President of the United States. Although she tried to keep herself away from the political uproars, struggling to keep her life private, sadly the people, and press couldn’t allow her to do that!

The Office

No no, don’t think about the American one, I’m talking about the Hindi version, The Office which is a television sitcom streaming over the platform of Hotstar, being adopted by the American series, with the same name. It’s somehow a remake of the American one and is co-produced by Applause Entertainment which is associated with BBC Studios India, a subpart of the Indian Hotstar Specials.

The Wire

Last, but not least we have, ‘ The Wire’ a well known Criminal Series which was launched in 2002, enhancing the city of Baltimore, and Detective James McNulty, and his team who are investigating the crime scenes, and different scenes trying their best to solve the bridge issue, that exists in between the drug kingpins, and the law of the law enforcement agencies.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for the day, and I think you must have enjoyed reading this article ‘Top 10 Shows on Hotstar’, and the exciting shows I mentioned throughout this article to keep my readers stick with the blog, and enjoy reading every single detail I shared within it.

Although if you still have some questions in your mind regarding the series, and movies I mentioned then please do leave a comment in the feedback section. Or you can comment with your thoughts of your own Top 10 Shows on HotStar, let’s talk more!

Good luck with sorting out a way to break your boredom and I hope you’ll feel cherished with this article!

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