Top 5 best Anime websites to watch 2021

Japanese anime and manga have long been popular among adults as well as teenagers nearly all around the world. There would be many reasons why they love Japanese anime though, I personally think it’s for their heart-touching storyline and visually appealing animation that makes us really addicted once we happen to know the taste.

It’s full of joy and our daily indulgence watching Japanese anime, like watching when we eat, when rolling up and down on the sofa on your peaceful (boring) Sunday at home or when you are on the bed about to sleep. It gives us a lot of fun and sometimes burning passion through the addicted fandom!

So did you ever looked for an awesome place to watch anime other than Netflix or Amazon Prime? I guess this article would quite excite you for finding wonderful anime platforms you never knew before, especially the free streaming sites included in this list, that charge you nothing for watching!

So, let’s begin with our list Top 5 Best Anime Websites To Watch in 2021!

Top 5 Best Anime Websites That You Must Try Out


GOGO ANIME TV - Top 5 Best Anime Websites That You Must Try Out in 2021

If you are looking for an anime website to watch or download online, then GogoAnime TV can be an option to visit. This website contains a wide collection of different genres of anime and all the videos are dubbed and subbed to meet the various user preference.

It has multiple servers supported that enable you server selections in case of a server problem. Plus, the website offers content downloads if you prefer to have them on your local device.

Gogo Anime TV has a several different categories for navigating users to their spot:

  1. Home: In this section, you can find the latest episodes of the ongoing anime series.
  2. Anime list: This section comprises the collection of all anime series from A-Z. You can find all the anime series which have been released until now.
  3. New seasons: The upcoming or new anime released are uploaded in this category.
  4. Movies: In this section, you can find anime movies. Some of them have a connection with the anime as they are part of it.
  5. Popular: a collection of the most trendy and hottest anime in town.

P.S Bear in mind, if you are searching the keyword “Gogo Anime TV on Google, there will be a number of sites with similar URLs (or just with different TLDs) appearing. I recommend you NOT to click on or visit other ones than ‘‘ since as we detected, all other ones have malware and malicious code in their site which you have to stay far away. As far as we checked, is safe to visit.

Otherwise, if you’re still afraid, then simply skip this streaming site to the other ones, we have a handful of other clean code safe sites in the list. (Please keep reading down below 🙂 )


9 Anime is one of the free Japanese anime streaming sites - Top 5 best Anime websites to watch 2021

9 Anime is one of the most popular anime websites among anime freaks. It contains all the latest anime releases and also you can see the weekly episodes of ongoing anime. There is a search bar on the top of the site through which you can search for the anime titles you want to watch.

9 Anime boasts a huge collection of anime series that can be searched in alphabetical order on a nice user interface. You can find anime you want to watch through the various microgenres such as ecchi, school, shounen, sci-fi, school, thriller, music, magic, drama, and much more. There are three servers in place through which you can stream videos. Just in case, you are unable to run the video then click on the “Use Different Server” to carry on your anime indulgence.

Conveniently, videos are paired with both subbed and dubbed which is a great upside of using 9anime. However, keep in mind that dubbed versions tend to come up late compared to subbed parts.

Bear in mind, 9anime passively has a little annoying part for anime lovers. The platform has kind of a lot of ads showing up and this is the most frequently spoken user complaints from the users that watch on 9anime.

Other than the downside, otherwise, 9 Anime is a pretty cool website to watch the latest anime.

Anime Planet


Personally recommend this platform. The user interface is good and tiny and it gives a more legitimate and proper look and feel, compared to other shady online streaming or pirate video streaming sites that are illegally run.

This platform is completely free though, it’s run by fans’ donations with their impressive slogan “Anime-Planet is run by fans, for fans“.

Again, it’s free, one of the best anime websites to watch free of charge. And what’s a good perk about Anime Planet is that it has just little to moderate extent of showing ads up. Simply, its ad frequency is something like Youtube, which seems pretty an acceptable level for most folks.

Anime Planet breaks down its categories on the top roughly:

  1. Anime: In the Anime category, you can find all the latest ongoing anime episodes as well as the series which are completed. Also, alphabetical search is supported by which you can easily find one that you’re looking for.
  2. Manga: This is a Manga section that you may like if you are a manga lover as well as anime. It has more than 60,000 webtoons and mangas there where you can enjoy reading in digital settings.
  3. Characters: This seems designed for heavy anime fandom. If you like a particular series or character(s), you will enjoy this section that almost acts like ‘Wiki Profile Books’ which shows every detail of famous anime characters like their date of birth, appearance features, background stories, and more.
  4. Community: It’s a well made community where anime-interested people can talk and discuss their burning passion for anime.

Almost missed saying this: Another big perk — no signup or login is required to watch their anime on their platform which makes this site one of the best anime websites to watch in 2021.

Anime Cruzers

Anime Cruzers - Free Japanese anime watching website with no ads. One of the best anime websites to watch.

Wonderful! This would be a phenomenal anime streaming site if the last thing you want to do is frequently interfered with ads before/after video or even in between your streaming.

It’s absolutely no ads contained they don’t bother you with annoying as hell adverts from the very beginning to the end of a video just like they promise “Watch HD Anime With No Ads” which is cool.

Anime Cruzers has quite easy-to-navigate interface and it’s easy for users to find just what they want to watch through the search filters. (Browse Anime) All the popular guys(anime) are there that you may be dying to watch right now.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll - Anime streaming site for Japanese anime

No doubt, most of us as anime lovers must know about this Crunchy Roll. This highly popular anime hub is one of the guinea pigs for online anime community.

The website lets users enjoy a wide variety of anime series and movies. They are regularly updated with the latest anime episodes on a daily basis. Apart from anime series if you are a manga reader then this place mya best suits you since it offers all the popular manga like Boruto, one-piece, plundered, and all other big ones. 

Unlike the other platforms picked out in this list: Top 7 Best Anime Websites To Watch 2021, one sad thing about Crunchy Roll is to watch and use their website hassle-free, you have to sign up and buy a premium membership at as little as $7.99 / month.

You might be disappointed if you’re seeking a free online streaming site to avail, however, I guess the subscription would be worth your spending if your point of view in looking for the best anime site is a variety of anime resources, HD quality resolution, and ad-free.

Final Words:

We’ve looked into the top 5 anime websites to watch and it’s safe to say you would get the best out of them. We picked them out into the list with some factors we think importantly, like the quality of videos, user interface, availability of video resources, ad appearance, and whether or not it’s free to watch.

It’s hard to say what’s the best one in particular among the 5 since each one has its own pros and cons. But I think you may be able to find the best one that best suits you in no time since every one of the 5 is already so loved and visited by hundreds of thousands of anime lovers from all around the world which means they are proven to be good.

Hope you enjoy your fun with your favorite anime and manga! Have fun!

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