What Is The Average Cost Of Furniture Removalists In Adelaide?

Clueless about how much the furniture removalists in Adelaide will cost you? Moving can be a big mess for anyone. If you are living in Adelaide, there are so many removalists that you can hire to stay away from all the mess.

Before you plan to move, the first thing you must do is decide on a removalist in Adelaide. Furniture removalists companies will make your moving process effortless.

First of all, decide a budget for yourself so you can be sure about which removalist in Adelaide you must hire. The total cost of moving houses depends upon many individual factors. Here are some of the factors that will give you an idea about the average costs of removalists in Adelaide.

Factors to Consider While Calculating Average Cost Of Furniture Removalists – Adelaide

what is the average cost of furniture removalists in adelaide and what are the factors to contribute to the price. If the properties are closer, it will cost you less, and if the distance is more, the cost will also be more.-

There are several factors that will contribute to the average cost of furniture removalists. I have listed some below, let’s see what’s the average cost of furniture removals in Adelaide (which can be pretty applicable to other regions of Australia!):

Size of Property and Amount of Furniture

The cost for your funiture removals in Adelaide is determined by the size of your home and the amount of furniture you need to transfer. Packing, transporting, and unpacking a big house takes a long time than a smaller one. The amount of furniture that has to be moved would also affect the total cost.

While a larger house usually has more furniture than a smaller one, this is not always true. When receiving a quote, specify whether you have a big house with a limited amount of furniture or a small apartment with a large amount of furniture. This would ensure that the quote correctly represents your needs.


You can save a lot of money if you are already prepared for your moving day. It will make the job more straightforward and more effective for the removalists in Adelaide if all of your furniture and other stuff is prepped and ready to go when they arrive to pick it up.

If you’re packing your belongings yourself, make sure they’re all in boxes with proper labels that indicate the room they must fit in. Also, disassemble bigger furniture before the removalists come to save them time.

Distance between Both the Destinations

If both the properties will be closer to one and another, it will be easy for the removalists to relocate your furniture and other stuff. The distance between the two destinations will definitely affect the cost of the removalists. If the properties are closer, it will cost you less, and if the distance is more, the cost will also be more.

You’ll also need to consider the traffic conditions as well as if the truck will need to use toll roads. If at all possible, avoid peak-hour traffic, particularly in the central area of the city. You can ask your removalist moving teams to begin at 8 a.m., which ensures that by the time they have finished packing and are ready to reach the road, peak hour traffic could have passed.

Parking the Truck

It’s essential to provide a suitable location for the removal truck to park with convenient access to both properties. To save time, inform the removalist movers about any loading zones or parking spaces outside your home.

Since street parking in certain parts of Adelaide is restricted, it will save you time if you can reserve a parking spot at your home.

Besides, another surefire way to save you hours of time and money is finding a near location for the truck to park because movers usually make between 30 and 100 trips between the property and the vehicle.

If only street parking is open, consider placing safety cones to keep the spaces clear before the truck arrives. If your building has a loading dock, make sure the clearance is at least 3.2 metres, as this is the minimum clearance required by any removalist in Adelaide. On the other hand, larger trucks can need a clearance of up to 3.7 metres.

Decide Between Stairs and Lift

If your movers need to use a lift or stairs at your home, this will contribute to your relocation cost. When using a lift, the removalist movers must tackle all of the belongings twice: carrying them to the lift, loading them, unloading them from the lift, and loading them into the vehicle.

If the lift is thin, the amount of furniture that can be transported in each trip would be limited, necessitating further trips.

Consider if you’re on the top floor of the building or whether the elevator is slow. Loading and unloading periods can quickly be extended by a number of hours as a result of this.

If one of your properties has a lift, it could be wise to hire an extra removalist to speed up the process and save costs.

Stairs will also lengthen the journey. If you have stairs at any of your Adelaide homes, particularly if there are several sets, we suggest hiring an extra removalist mover on the day. If you have a lot of stairs, keep in mind that the movers can slow down over the course of the day as they get tired.

Average Cost of Furniture Removalist – Adelaide

Residence sizeTotal items sizeAverage removalist price in AdelaideThe time needed for 2 people (loading and unloading)
Studio apartment8㎥$210(AUD)2 hours
1 bedroom apartment25㎥$418(AUD)3.8 hours
2 bedroom apartment23㎥$638(AUD)5.8 hours
3 bedroom apartment32㎥$880(AUD)8 hours
4 bedroom apartment42㎥$1,155(AUD)10.5 hours
2 bedroom house26㎥$726(AUD)6.6 hours
3 bedroom house35㎥$979(AUD)8.9 hours
4 bedroom house48㎥$1,342(AUD)12.2 hours
5 bedroom house55㎥$1,540(AUD)14 hours

Look for removalists who charge by the half-hour rather than by the hour to get the best bargain for your transfer. A half-hourly rate allows you to save money, and you only pay for the time you use the service. The average price per half hour for a removalist in Adelaide is $55.00, but possibly, you can save money by looking around for the best deal.

How To Find The Best Deals For Furniture Removalists – Final Words

While deciding removalist in Adelaide, there are many important factors and variations that you need to consider. These factors will surely help you save your money.

For your better reference, this site will definitely help you to find the best deals among Australian removalists. You will enjoy the quick results out of their database, simply using the quick search bar that will also save your time to find a deal.

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