What to do in Las Vegas: 10 Things You Must Try

Las Vegas is one of the pre-eminent vacation destinations in the United States. Whether heading out for a night of craziness or planning an epic weekend with family and friends there are plenty of ways to make it one of your best trips ever. So without further ado here are the best 10 things to do or see while spending time in Las Vegas.

What to do in Las Vegas: 10 Must-Do Things!

1. Lounge by the Pool

What to do in Las Vegas: 10 Must-Do Things!: a trip to Las Vegas; relaxing and drinking a cocktail by the pool surrounded by beautiful people and sunshine

What would a trip to Las Vegas be if you didn’t spend the day relaxing and drinking a cocktail by the pool surrounded by beautiful people and sunshine? This is the desert though, so make sure to wear a lot of sunscreen. Most of the traditional entertainment in Las Vegas happens at night anyways so this is the perfect way to prepare yourself for a night on the town. Some of the best pools on the strip can be found at Mandalay Bay, The Hardrock, or Mirage. You can also check out the TAO nightclub that has a topless pool as part of its features.

2. Bellagio Fountains

What to do in Las Vegas: 10 Must-Do Things!: Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas

The high powered water fountains outside of the Bellagio hotel on the strip put on an amazing show shooting streams of water high into the air with choreographed music. Make sure to stop by as you head out for the night or stop by afterward in order to recreate your very own Ocean’s Eleven moments and see the show. You can get a unique view of these fountains from the top of the model of the Eiffel tower across the street.

3. Cirque Du Soleil

What to do in Las Vegas: 10 Must-Do Things - Cirque Du Soleil

You won’t be disappointed by the high flying acrobatics presented by one of the most well-known show companies in the world. Cirque du Soleil is always innovating and changing their shows to wow audiences anew with their artistic flight and amazing showmanship. Las Vegas always has multiple of these shows going on, so it is almost never a problem to get a ticket. To get discounted tickets try checking at the box office before a show to grab up unsold seats.

4. Party All Night

What to do in Las Vegas: Party all night at a club

Las Vegas is known to have one of the best club scenes in the world. If you are looking to drink and dance then you have come to the right place. With almost a numberless amount of bars and clubs to choose from you can bounce from location to location checking out the menagerie of night-time fun. Some of the best clubs in Las Vegas for music and dancing are XS Nightclub, TAO, Marquee, Hakkasan, or Hyde Bellagio.

5. Breakfast Buffets

What to do in Las Vegas: breakfast buffets after a night of craziness in Vegas

After a night on the town, you are able to treat yourself to some of the greatest breakfast foods known to man. Almost all of the hotels on the strip serve breakfast buffets filled with amazing food. The Wynn hotel has been voted the best breakfast buffet in town. There are also restaurants that are open 24 hours a day in case you want to pick a snack up after hours.

6. NY NY Hotel Rollercoaster

What to do in Las Vegas: New York New York's Big Apple Coaster Suffers Derailment Testing New Cars –  Coaster Nation
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For a little bit of family friendly fun, head over to the New York-New York Hotel and try out the rollercoaster they have available. It is a great way to get a dynamic view of the strip and can be fun for the whole family as long as they meet the height requirement. Just as a warning, the roller coaster can be a little bit jerky, so it is not ideal for people with neck or back issues.

7. Spa Treatment

What to do in Las Vegas: Spa Treatment to recover from the crazy night out in Las Vegas

Since you are probably in Las Vegas on vacation, make sure it is a relaxing one. Combining lounging by the pool with spa treatment can ensure that you are well rested and your body is feeling great. Put this at the beginning of your trip so that you can use it to prepare your mind for all the fun you are going to have over the next couple of days. Or maybe you’ll need it at the end of the trip to recover from that crazy night out on the town.

8. Gambling

What to do in Las Vegas: 10 must-do things - Gambling and sightseeing at casinos

What would a Las Vegas Trip be without the excitement of a little bit of gambling? Whether you are a poker, craps, or slots player there are more than enough opportunities to have some fun at the world-class casinos. Who knows, maybe this is the trip where you get to win big. Don’t worry, you can go to Vegas without gambling a dime and still have a blast!

9. The Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere hotel is a bit of a walk from the rest of the strip but boy, it’s worth it. The tower offers the best view of the strip standing at 1,149 feet tall. Try to catch the view just at sunset to see the true beauty as Las Vegas is reincarnated as a night-time party mecca, and the astounding mountainous, desert-like scenery in the background of the city doesn’t hurt one bit. To avoid the crowds you can take advantage of weekdays or early timing in the morning; the view of Las Vegas all to yourself!

10. Take a Gondola Ride

What to do in Las Vegas: Take a Gondola Ride in Venetian for shopping, fine inner and supper clubs

The Venetian is one of the nicer hotels on the strip and is themed after its counterpart in Italy. It holds up-scale shopping, fine dining, and supper clubs all under a faux blue sky that gives the complex a surreal feel. The gondolas inside the hotel offer a great experience, especially if it is just you and that special someone.

Conclusion – What To Do In Las Vegas

Seemingly, things are getting better during the pandemic and we are slowly getting ready to get back to normal. Indeed, what we have been suppressed the most during the tough time was our need for travel.

It was so much fun talking about travel in a while and right on the topic What to do in Las Vegas: 10 Must-Do Things, Las Vegas, the vibrant city well combined with its night culture and day fun for tourists!

I assume this is about time to slowly prepare for our post-Covid era and bring things back to normal.

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