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Hi folks! I’m Scott, the owner of TheBlogBite.com.

It’s lovely to see you guys keeping up a wonderful routine visiting my blog and reading the articles of your daily fun. I always appreciate you supporting this blog to run smoothly.

Great New – We Now Accept Guest Posts/Sponsored Posts

Folks, I’m here today bringing great news for you who are looking to promote your website. (For any purposes like SEO or traffic 🙂 )

We are now accepting guest articles and sponsored posts published on our blog. I’m already so excited about it and dying to see you fetch killer articles and content to share with our audience! Yay!

Certainly, our audience will love your articles and we couldn’t thank you more for entertaining or educating the big fans of TheBlogBite.

Besides our true appreciation for your contribution, we’ve got some things more to give you. Big things that we can give you back.

What You Will Benefit From Us

  • DA of over 70
  • Our organic traffic
  • Improvement on your search rankings
  • Increased visibility on your brand or website
  • Accumulation on your leads

Long story short, we have such a high DA of over 70 which is why a ton of other contributors pursue backlinks from us. As a matter of fact, such high DAs can trigger a dramatic improvement on SERPs of the linked page. And this is, of course, given for you since we appreciate your content contribution.

That’s not even all. A great set of following benefits to you. For example, our naturally generated traffic and your higher chances to increase your leads and sales performance by winning our organic traffic funneled into your pages.

Without a doubt, this is a great synergy when a high DA meets traffic transmitting through a link to the pointed page. That passes the most link juice to your page and solidifies the page authority. And then? You know what may come. Jump. a big jump in your search rankings.

To clarify again, all the benefits are awaiting you once you decide to write for us.

The Quality – What We Look At

While we would appreciate your effort in submitting an article for us, we are sorry in advance that it would be likely impossible to accept all the submitted articles.

For your reference to avoid an unpleasant situation, this brief guideline would be a great help. Please go on and have a look below.

Must Do:

  • Article Length: 800 up to 2,500 words
  • Categories: ‘Most of the general topics accepted’ as The Blog Bite is a generic blog: Refer to our categories in the header menu.
  • Imagery: 2 – 3 related images to each paragraph. (up to you whether custom or generic images)
  • External Links: 1 link per 500 words. e.g, 2 links for 1,000 word count
  • Internal Links: Not a must, but highly recommended to link to some of our inner pages that are relevant, within The Blog Bite.

Must Not Do:

  • Spun Content: Don’t use a content spinner for your submission 🙂
  • Plagiarism: Don’t copy/paste content from other sites 🙂
  • Copyright Infringement: The best is using your own custom images or at least copyright free CC images (stock photos). When you have to use an image of other, please make sure to credit to the original creator/owner properly.
  • Spammy Content: Please no no no. 🙂 We love articles made for real readers, not for link building or Google bots. You would know what I mean. 🙂

Sidenote: this is Neil Patel’s guidelines on guest blogging, helpful resource for writers or marketers who want to increase the approval rates of article submissionhttps://neilpatel.com/blog/guide-to-guest-blogging/

What Next, Give It A Go!

Have you read up on our guidelines thoroughly? If not, I recommend going back and be notified again. 🙂

If you are confident to make sure, then it’s your time to drop us an email. I will definitely love you knocking on the door for our collaboration!

If you have any questions or inquiries on sponsored posts, I will love to talk to you as well.

Email Us At admin(at)theblogbite.com

Or Use Our Contact Me Page

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